Prices and Terms

Contact us using the contact form or write us an e-mail at and we will be happy to send you a tender. Below are a few noteworthy points:


The price includes
• translation
• terminology work (settlement terms, examination of background material contacting the customer if necessary)
• we keep the original document design if possible and necessary
• translation, proofreading spelling and grammar check
• Making changes that are requested by the client’s proofreader

For document amendments and additions we will charge an hourly rate.

If the source document has been submitted to us on paper or as a scanned image, we will charge the copying of the non-translatable content (tables with numbers, etc.).

Requested by the customer snapshot proofreading we charge an hourly rate.

The translation price always includes proofreading and stylization.

We follow the general terms of Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.


Interpreting the work we use for billing day and part-day prices:
• mini day 0-3 h approx. = 0.5 x norm. day
• a short day 3-6 h n. = 0.75 x norm. day
• a normal day 6-8 = h does not include travel time
• a long day 8-12 h = 1.5 x norm. day
• a double day 12-16 h = 2 x norm. day
• Travel day = 0.5 x 0.25 x or depending on the travel time

As a default, the customer is responsible for travel and accommodation costs of the interpreter. Otherwise they will be billed as travel expenses.
In addition, an allowance, in accordance with state travel policy (does not apply to the metropolitan area) and any travel costs, will be charged.

Simultaneous and whispered interpretation covers also the cost of possible equipment rent and its shipping.

We follow the general terms of Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

The interpreter's professional rules

Community Interpreter’s professional rules

Proofreading, editing

For proofreading and language checking, we charge an hourly rate

Value-adding services

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