We provide you with accurate and reliable Russian translations. Our team includes masters of translation, whose areas of expertise complement each other brilliantly.

Document Translations

There are many different types of texts. The text can be, for example, a short news article or notification, an official letter, application or other short document, or it could be a technical report, manual or complete book.
Document and especially technical text translations are a core of our translation business. We strive to make the translation text absolutely correct and at the same time natural and easy to read.

Translations to be published

Some of our translations are published on the customer’s website or, for example, as bulletins, brochures or whole books.
In these translation assignments, we focus especially on proofreading and stylization. The goal is that the translated text to be published is free of any flaws, clear and comfortable to read. That’s why the translator’s text is always given to another colleague for proofreading. The proofreading includes factual verification, language check and stylization.

Official translations

These are usually translations of official documents, for which the authorities of Finland or another country require the signature and stamp of an authorized translator.
In Finland, the rights of an authorized translator are always granted by language pair so that the second language must be national (Finnish, Swedish or Saami).
The official translation is always delivered to the customer in paper form by post or personally.
Being authorized by the Russian Consulate in Russia helps our customers to legalize our translations at the Consulate and save their money.

Document translations Official Translations
Finnish – Russian X X
English – Russian * X X
Finnish – English X X
Finnish – Swedish X X
Finnish – French X X
Finnish – German X X
Finnish – Estonian X X
Finnish – Latvian X
Finnish – Lithuanian X
Finnish – Polish X

*legalized in Russia or at the Russia Federation Consulate in Finland

Charge based on a work amount

– € 2.15 – 2.35 / 60 characters including spaces in translation + VAT 24%

Hourly rate

(e.g., picture caption or graphics processing, file format conversion)
– eg € 80 / h + VAT 24%
– Minimum charge 1h

The price includes

High quality translation work
Terminology work (clarifying terms, exploring background information, contacting the customer if needed)
Maintaining the original document design, if possible and necessary
Proofreading of the translation text
Making corrections requested by a client’s proofreader (correcting translation mistakes or improving the translation).

Translating text changes and additions made by the customer will be charged as above.

If the source document has been delivered to us in paper or as a scanned image, we will also have to charge for such non-translatable texts which are not generally charged for (numbers in tables, table of content etc.).

Proofreading of a PDF layout requested by the customer is charged using the hourly rate.

We comply with the general terms and conditions of the translations of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Example of official translations prices (Finnish->Russian):

passport € 35, –
• wedding certificate € 35, –
• extract from the population information system € 40, -… € 50, –
incl. VAT 24%

Our areas of expertise include:

· Rail Transport

· Auto Industry, incl. heavy machinery

· Logistics

· Electricity Sector

· Building Technology

· Automation

· Energy

· Nuclear Power

· Renewable Energy

· Environmental Technology

· Piping

· Pulp and Paper production

· Forestry

· Forest Industry

· Chemical Fertilizers

· Hotel and Catering industry

· Menus, Customer Bulletins

· Travel Brochures

· Agreements

· Publications

· Magazines

· Adverts

· Web Pages

· Localization

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