Proofreading and Spell Checking

Translation proofreading is important part of translation work. Our proofreading is carried out by a person who speaks the target language as his mother tongue. We also offer you spell checking for translations made by others.

Our proofreader

·     checks the spelling, for example the punctuation marks and compound words

·     ensures the clarity, comprehensivity and accuracy of the text, for example by changing complex sentence structures in a form that is easier to read

·     ensures the correctness and suitability of terms used in text which is relevant to specific area

Finnish<-> Russian

English <-> Russian

Finnish <-> English

Finnish <-> Swedish

Finnish <-> Spanish


For proofreading and language checking, we charge an hourly rate, e. g. €78,50/h   + VAT 24 %

Our areas of expertise include:

·     Rail Transport

·     Auto Industry, incl. heavy machinery

·     Logistics

·     Electricity Sector

·     Building Technology

·     Automation

·     Energy

·     Nuclear Power

·     Renewable Energy

·     Environmental Technology

·     Piping

·     Pulp and Paper production

·     Forestry

·     Forest Industry

·     Chemical Fertilizers

·     Hotel and Catering industry

·     Menus, Customer Bulletins

·     Travel Brochures

·     Agreements

·     Publications

·     Magazines

·     Adverts

·     Web Pages

·     Localization

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