We offer your company fluent and accurate interpretation. Our team has also managed demanding and multilingual assignments, where we have used our own and each other’s areas of expertise.
Conference interpretation is one of our key areas of competence.

We handle the following types of interpretation:

· Consecutive interpretation

· Simultaneous interpretation

· Whispered interpretation

· Judicial interpretation

· Community interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

A traditional form of interpreting, where the speaker(s) and the interpreter are speaking one after another. Our skills have been strengthened by years of experience in the field, which facilitates the most efficient and multilayered communication between individuals who speak different languages.

An interpreter is expected to meet at least following requirements:

· Being prepared for the task

· Punctuality

· Handling terminology

· Using technique of taking notes

· Following the ethical interpretation basics

· Kindness and a positive attitude

Simultaneous Interpretation

This is the most challenging form of interpreting, where both interpreter and interpreted speak at the same time. It usually requires for the interpreter to undergo a special training for simultaneous interpreting. It also requires some experience and strong knowledge of both interpreted languages and a terminology. Due to simultaneous translation being quite demanding, it requires usually two interpreters that alternate with each other. Also, it requires a lot of equipment – translation booth (booths), microphones, headsets and audio control devices. They are being monitored by a technician, who is present at the location of interpreting during its course.

We offer you

· Professional simultaneous interpretation

· Forming and coordinating a multilingual interpreter team

· Equipment for simultaneous interpreting, if necessary

· Relevant consulting

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Whispered Interpretation

We offer whispered interpretation, which is a “lighter” type of simultaneous interpretation. It is an excellent method for many interpretation venues, from a court room to a factory hall. The interpreter has a microphone, which is wirelessly connected to the headsets given to the audience. The interpreter positions himself at a sufficient distance from the speaker and interprets in a silent voice to the audience.


· You save significant amount of money: no need for a booth for simultaneous interpretation or a monitoring technician service

· All the benefits of simultaneous translation

· The interpreter may interact with the speaker and the audience

Ask for a quote for our whispered interpretation!

Judicial Interpretation

The court room is a challenging interpretation environment and requires a lot of diligence and the utmost vigilance of interpreter. The interpreter often has to interpret simultaneously without any equipment, because speaking parties use to forget about keeping breaks. Also, interpreter’s moral responsibility is emphasized.

Our interpreters have carried out excellent interpretations at a number of courts across Finland. We do manage the extensive judicial terminology. We are also experienced in interpreting interrogations for the law enforcement authorities. We are offering you professional judicial interpretation – contact us!

Community Interpretation

Community interpretation means facilitating the communication between authorities and their immigrant or refugee clients. Usually the interpretation is consecutive. Topics and situations might be very complicated and require mental endurance and sophisticated and ethically appropriate behavior.

We have years of experience in community interpretation in Finland.

We also offer telephone interpretation. We can also arrange telephone conference between multiple parties.

Finnish ⇔ Russian

English ⇔ Russian

Finnish ⇔ English

Finnish ⇔ Swedish

Finnish ⇔ Spanish


We use all-day or part-day fees when billing for interpretation.

Interpretation fee depends, for example, on language pair and interpretation mode (consecutive or simultaneous).

The prices below apply mainly to the Finnish-Russian-Finnish and English-Russian English language pair for consecutive interpreting.

· a normal day 6-8 h, e. g. €625,- + VAT 24 %

· mini day 0-3 h = approx. 0.5 x norm. day

· a short day 3-6 h = approx. 0.75 x norm. day

· a long day 8-12 h = approx. 1.5 x norm. day

· a double day 12-16 h = approx. 2 x norm. day

Simultaneous interpretation: Consecutive interpreting prices are multiplied by 2 (two interpreters) or 1.5 (1 interpreter).

Additional costs for interpreting

· Travel time without customer (for interpretation venue and back) 1 h = 0.5 working hours. Travel time with client 1 h = 0.5 – 1 working hours (moderately applied for calculating working time for at least 2 hours long trips)

· Daily allowances in accordance with state travel regulations (not applicable to interpreting work in Helsinki, Uusimaa or Päijät-Häme regions of Finland)

· Increase in premium for actual travel expenses.

* It is assumed that the customer will take care of the travel reservations and costs of the interpreter, but we can, of course, manage the interpreter’s travel arrangements and charge them with the booking fee, which is € 25, – / ticket or accommodation booking + VAT 24%.

Simultaneous and whisper translation budget can also include the necessary interpreting equipment that we are ready to rent for you.

We follow the general terms of Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.

Professional interpreter code

Professional community interpreter code

All the above-mentioned amounts are subject to VAT 24%.

Payment term: 14 days net.

Cancellation costs for interpretation appointments: less than 7 days 50%, less than 3 days 100%.

Our areas of expertise include:

· Rail Transport

· Auto Industry, incl. heavy machinery

· Logistics

· Electricity Sector

· Building Technology

· Automation

· Energy

· Nuclear Power

· Renewable Energy

· Environmental Technology

· Piping

· Pulp and Paper production

· Forestry

· Forest Industry

· Chemical Fertilizers

· Hotel and Catering industry

· Menus, Customer Bulletins

· Travel Brochures

· Agreements

· Publications

· Magazines

· Adverts

· Web Pages

· Localization

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