The history of the East-West-Idea translation agency begins with the registration of the individual enterprise in May 1992 in Hyvinkää (Finland), where I moved from Moscow a couple of years before to work for the Russian ZanGas company engaged in welding and laying of gas pipelines in Finland. At that moment, the main goal of creating my own enterprise was gaining an opportunity for self-employment and living in Finland. Translation and interpreting orders started to come little by little, and since 1996 I left my employer and became a 100 % entrepreneur. This moment passed painlessly, as the volume of language service assignments steadily grew from year to year. In the 90s, a team of co-workers began to form. Many of its members are still active now. They have become indispensable partners for the company and sincere friends for me.

Cities and places of residence have changed, but the main details of the company – the name, the phone and the email address – have always remained the same. In 2011, the private enterprise was re-registered into joint stock company. By that time, the company had a turnover of more than three hundred thousand euros and about five hundred customers.

The global recession of 2008 and political and economic challenges that began in 2014 have damaged most Finnish translation companies working with the Russian language. East-West-Idea’s response to this challenge is to work with passion, full dedication and the highest quality to maintain good partnerships with our customers.

Translation Agency
East-West Idea

Mannerheiminkatu 15
15100 Lahti, Finland
(railway station building)

phone: +358 20 1982900